Thereís a cure at the end of the rainbow!

Welcome to American SIDS-Autonomic Dysfunction [AMSAD] Centerís web site. We are a non-profit organization entirely staffed by volunteers, including many whose lives have been impacted by sudden death, SIDS, SIDS-at-risk, and autonomic dysfunction [dysautonomia].

We donít yet know all the causes of SIDS or
sudden death, but we do know that autonomic dysfunction is implicated, and that there are low-cost, non-invasive methods of screening for autonomic function insufficiency, screening methods which are not currently being widely used to identify infants, children, adolescents and adults who are at risk of sudden death or disability.

Our goals are to
reduce deaths and disabilities, to ensure that all school children are screened for autonomic dysfunction; to increase the use of research-demonstrated methods of detection and alleviation of autonomic dysfunction; to provide education and other support for those diagnosed or at-risk, the healthcare providers, and educators who serve them; to raise awareness in the general public; and to work actively with researchers to find causes and cures.

Did you know ....SCD [sudden cardiac death] accounts for approximately 325,000 deaths per year in the United States; more deaths are attributable to SCD than to lung cancer, breast cancer, or AIDS.

What is it like for a child who has experienced sudden cardiac arrest not once, but many, many times? [Available: Now]

ďTori! Tori! Tori! profoundly educates all of us, not only about the troubling facts of SIDS/Autonomic Dysfunction, or the practical obstacles for such children in the conduct of daily life, or even the frequent ignorance and indifference of the public around them, but even more the resilience of the human spirit and the richness of its expression through art. . . In her struggle we see what surges within the soul of each of us - the affirmation of life which opposes the constrictions of fate. In her struggle to live, shown so richly through her art, we all find our common ground."

Pre publication Review - Reprinted in part by permission of Dr. James Hollis, Director, Jung Center of Houston, TX

Tori! Tori! Tori!
ISBN-13: 978-0-9798169-1-8